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“Intelligence plus character-that is the goal of true education.”

_ Martin Luther King Jr.
Kuriakose Chavara

Fr. Kuriakose Elias Chavara
Born February 10, 1805 Died January 3, 1871

The college proudly holds St.Alphonsa as the patron, for her great ideals of determination, sacrifice and dedication.

St. Alphonsa group of institutions is promoted by Blessed Chavara Educational Trust(BCET), JVK Memorial Charitable Trust for conducting various professional courses.

BCET is dedicated to the great ideals of Fr. Kuriakose Elias Chavara who lived in Kerala one hundred and fifty years ago. Being a humble servant of God with heavenly virtues, he established himself as a scholar, a committed educationist and a philanthropist.

Ignited with the desire of promoting the  cause of professional education, Blessed Chavara  Educational Trust,  established St.Alphonsa College for Hotel Management in the year 2009.
Since then the college has seen tremendous development. The college offers a  holistic  learning  environment beyond the  boundaries of text books and syllabus. Our members of  faculty comprise distinguished  academicians  and outstanding  professionals from  the corporate world.  The college  has set  specific objectives and  follow a well drawn plan for achieving excellence in all spheres of professional education. The involvement and total commitment  with which our students and faculty have worked over a decade  have made the college the most  preferred destination for learning hotel management.

St. Alphonsa Group Of Institutions
St. Alphonsa group of Institutions holds four colleges, with campus at Trivandrum, Mannarkkad, Ooty (Coonoor) and two campuses in Calicut. The group has plans to open campuses  at Ernakulam, Trichur, Kannur and Coimbatore.

The colleges under St. Alphonsa Group of Institutions are:

(i)   St. Alphonsa College for Hotel Management (SACHM)

(ii) St. Alphonsa College for Research and Educational Development(SACRED)

(iii) St. Alphonsa College for Vocational Training(SACVT)

(iv)  St.Alphonsa Institute for International Studies (SAIIS)


(i)     St. Alphonsa College for Hotel Management is a self financing college affiliated to the University of Calicut for conducting B.Sc. Hotel Management programme. At present, the college is temporarily functioning at Puthiyanirath, Elathur, Calicut and bears the corporate office at Blessed Chavara Building, Chungam, West Hill, Calicut. The new college campus for St. Alphonsa College for Hotel Management is proposed at Anamooli, Mannarkad, Palakkad district in nearly 12 acres of land along with resorts. On completion of the project the college will hold a well spacious building with all modern amenities and aesthetically built resort inside the campus for the development of the students.


The college emphasizes on value based quality education and overall development of students apart from imparting theoretical & practical knowledge. Even though the college is functioning in a temporary campus, the management assures the availability of infrastructure and all other facilities to the students in the present campuses and does not compromise the quality of the students passing out from the institution

Apart from the infrastructure and facilities offered, the management takes utmost care in offering the students the best quality education through well qualified and experienced faculty. Students are trained in a manner to improve their skills and knowledge to build a career in hospitality/tourism industry. All the students are provided with the best possible training at star classified hotels at major cities across India. Students who maintain the institutional standards and express their talents are assured placements both in India and Overseas.

(ii) St. Alphonsa College for Research and Educational Development(SACRED) is a collaborative centre of Alagappa University through which B.Sc./Diploma in Hotel Management Programmes are conducted. This is a regular programme certified by Alagappa University, Karaikudi, Tamil Nadu.

(iii) St. Alphonsa College for Vocational Training (SACVT) offers short term Vocational Training programmes in hotel management under Norka Roots and STED Council. 

(iv)  St.Alphonsa Institute for International Studies (SAIIS) is a Kottayil venture and a unit of St.Alphonsa Group of Institutions which is in existence since 2009. 

SAIIS has signed MoUs of collaboration with carefully chosen renowned universities of the world. This highly collaborative and academically rigorous alliance will provide a powerful framework that will have an indelible impact on the entire career of our students. A competency based global curriculum crafted by the best minds from academic and corporate world will equip the students to meet the uniquely complex challenges of the global economy. SAIIS is committed to transforming students to competent and confident professionals with a global perspective. SAIIS provides pathway to students to settle in various countries through its associates. The institute provides international educational in various modes like dual certification, twinning and full time study in India/ Abroad.

Students can opt for various international education programmes according to their interest and financial situation. SAIIS offers game changing innovative international courses at an amazingly affordable cost. The international education and training opportunities provided by SAIIS facilitate the students to accomplish better placement opportunities and a bright future.

St. Alphonsa, a Biography…

Alphonsa Muttathupadathu (August 19, 1910 July 28, 1946) is the first Indian women to be elevated to sainthood. She was beatified by Pope John Paul II in 1986 and decided as a saint by pope Benedict XVI on March 1 2008. It was officially declared on October 12 2008.


Sr. Alphonsa was born on 19 August 1910. Her baptismal name was Anna and was affectionately called Annakutty.

Annakutty believed that a Carmelite nun had appeared to her and advised her to become a nun. She read the biography of St.Threse of Lisieux which instilled in her a strong desire to become a saint.

Therefore she resisted all compulsions to yield to marriage proposals. When she was compelled to attend her betrothal ceremony, she sought to escape from it by voluntarily stepping into a pit of burning husk.

Her feet were badly burnt and had to be confined to bed for several weeks. Her aunt finally relented to her desire and permitted her to join a convent.

Annakutty joined the clarist Convent at Bharananganam and received the veil of postulants on 2nd August 1928 with the name Alphonsa in honour of St. Alphonse Ligouri, whose feast day it was. Her vestition was held on 19th May 1930.

In 1984 the pope officially declared that Sr. Alphonsa had heroically practiced Christian virtues. A miracle wrought through her intercession was also formally approved by the Holy See on 16th July 1985. She was beatified by Pope John Paul II on 8th February 1986 at Kottayam and decided as a saint by the pope Benedict XVI on March 1 2008. It was officially declared on October 12, 2008.

All Indians are proud to have St. Alphonsa , the first Catholic saint in India, born of Indian parents, lived and sanctified her life in India.

So, the college is proud to hold St. Alphonsa as the patron, for her great ideals of determination, sacrifice and commitment to the society.

Tourism & Hospitality Industry

Tourism industry is substantial, vibrant and one of the fastest growing sectors world wide and its rapid growth is creating numerous opportunities for young men and women with drive ambitions and foresight. As tourism is considered, it is the second largest industry in the world, The boom in the tourism industry has resulted in the immense growth of hotel industry in India. As tourism industry grows, the flow of tourists from many countries towards India increases, so the need for accommodation increases year by year. ITDC, a government undertaking has constructed a set of hotels at many places in the country.

  •    Taj group of hotels
  •    Holiday Inn
  •    Oberoi group of hotels
  •    Ambassador
  •    Leela venture Ltd.
  •    Park Group of hotels
  •    I.T.C (Welcome) Group of Hotels

Hotel Management

Hotel management is one of the most interesting career options in the contemporary job market. The hotel industry promises a bright future for anyone who wishes to take up a career in this segment. The students opting for hotel management career courses must have an affinity towards socializing and understanding the needs of the people. Hotel management courses make one aware of the operating-sections of the hotel industry like front office, food and beverage Production, food and beverage service, Housekeeping & General Operations. As hotel falls under service industry, the students should be prepared to face the challenges of this competitive world. Here arises the need for a recognized and reputed Institution for career training……


It’s a stressful world we live in. There’s no denying it. People are much more stressed now than ever before. Not even children are spared, with increased homework, workloads, extracurricular activities and social pressures. It doesn’t take any stretch of the imagination to know what stress can do to a person. Its negative impact can affect a person emotionally, physically and spiritually.

People are looking for alleviation by reaching out to therapists and doctors for remedies to their stress-induced ailments like depression and migraines. Some even seek religious counsel.

Counseling psychology as a psychological speciality facilitates personal and interpersonal functioning across the life span with a focus on emotional, social, vocational, educational, health-related, developmental and organizational concerns. Through the integration of theory, research, and practice, and with a sensitivity to multicultural issues, this speciality encompasses a broad range of practices that help people improve their well-being, alleviate distress and maladjustment, resolve crisis, and increase their ability to live more highly functioning lives. Counseling psychology is unique in its attention both to normal developmental issues and to problems associated with physical, emotional, and mental disorders.

  •    Handle crises in relationships
  •    Deal with stress and other pressures
  •    Resolve fears, panics and anxieties
  •    Cope with continuing family problems
  •    Work through difficult decisions
  •    Break through depression and sadness
  •    Bring out your creativity and self-expression
  •    Learn to assert your own needs
  •    Renew a sense of purpose in your life
  •    Find paths to self-discovery

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